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Defining Grace

Brother/Sister Duo

About Us

Defining Grace is an American vocal and instrumental duo from the south side of Chicago. These siblings, Brian & Lisa, started their musical journey when they were just young children as they were born into a Christian family where music was always present in one way or another.  

"Defining Grace" (DG) came about years later (May 2018), as they both realized that it is only by grace that they each had overcame all that life seemed to throw their way. Through the combination of personal raw life experiences and melodic music, God has given them the ability to use their prayerfully created, original songs into a way to hopefully encourage, inspire and share their faith. 

After years of singing other artists songs and writing music behind closed doors “Defining Grace” finally released their first single, June 2018, “Because of You” available in all digital platforms. 

The story behind "Because of You"

"Because of You" started over 17 years ago as a love song. Brian was approached by a producer to write a song for a female artist that would be pitched to a label. He had an idea for a crossover song and called Lisa on an early Sunday morning asking if she'd help write some lyrics. While still in bed, Lisa looked over at her husband still sleeping and began to write the first few lines of the song. "When I wake up, your the first thing on my mind..."

Fast forward to April 2018, Brian & Lisa had a conference call with someone pretty awesome, Grammy and Dove Award-winning top musical arranger, orchestrator, producer, and jingle writer (who toured & played piano for many artists including the Gaithers, Bette Midler, wrote "Nationwide is on your side," & "We do chicken right" (KFC) just to name a few)...Mr. Jaydee Miller Music. After discussing the new direction Brian & Lisa wanted to go with their music, Jaydee offered to work & record with him in Versailles, Kentucky. They now needed a song.

After writing music his entire life, Brian has a plethora of songs to choose from and suggested the song they worked on years ago. "This song can be crossed over into Christian music with a little more tweaking," Brian said. So him and his wife Lisa Diane re-wrote some of the lyrics transforming the song to hold a whole new meaning.

God is love. He fills us with his Grace & Love everyday. He can "reach places no one has reached before" inside our soul. Bringing "Peace to my life that never ends." Because of Him, we can say goodbye to fear. We can make our dreams come true. Our "secret hiding place" or war room, a place to fight through prayer. Asking God to guide our hearts to "Let me speak life & love in all I do and say." To "trust in His plans" & lay all our cares at His feet. "Because of You" (God) who died for our sins, we are set free. Free to love & forgive others, because He first loved us.